How the VUFMC idea was born

” Just merging 2 existing technologies !

The (mental) process that raised my interest since 2018…

  • Thinking to the FUTURE OF THE CITIES WW…
  • Cities suffer from a LACK OF SPACE for traffic, relaxation, nature and for various activities that they would need
  • FEEDING the cities of the future is a challenge. Short food supplying channels are essential for future generations who will constitute urban communities


Therefore, everywhere, VERTICAL solutions flourish to try to solve the most urgent problems.
(including flying taxis, VTOL’s, drones…)

  • Then, interest for the US Farmbot – Urban robot to grow food – Open Source – Open Hardware – Sold in the whole world (Mainly for Education) – Community of thousands of developpers – Working horizontally in 3 axes – Constantly updated

I bought 2 Farmbots – They are in test phase (Aug 2019 +…)

Functions : the robot can plant / sow, water when necessary only, remove weeds,
monitor growth, prevent maturity etc.
It can be powered by solar panels.
Obviously he needs water. (Network and / or rainwater recovery)

  • Finally, look for VERTICAL CONVEYOR on the market.

I’m ready to buy a prototype of a Vertical Conveyor to adapt