Legend : Farmbot = Fb / Qimarox = Q

Fb (2) installed in test

Q vertical conveyor purchase waiting for (secure) 5m high place /  lab to install

Gaining experience with Fb at Anderlecht Redoute-Peiffer Horticulture school

* TO DO : transform Fb "toy" into a solid industrial typical feet-on-the-ground belgian solution

NOTE : should stay in op for 100 years like the adjoining building...

* TO DO : strengthen the processors (Arduino & Raspberry)

* TO DO : Transform the Q, which can only be operated INDOOR now to withstand All Weather conditions

* TO DO : Design a common flexible structure in kits to accommodate the Fb + Q

* TO DO : Design the planters ["plantenbakken"] which will be conveyed by the Q and controlled by the Fb

* TO DO : Invent a recognition mechanism to recognize each planter (which will contain different edible crops each)

¨* TO DO : Adapt the software of the Fb : from the current 1 single area DB management to n (n = equals the number of planters)

* TO DO : get a first order from a public authority as reference and demo site

* TO DO : after a first public reference, market to dynamic architecture offices