How the VUFMC is disruptive

Disruptive aspect of the project presented.

Present situation


Vertical plant walls are built to meet these needs. But they are ornamental plants. Permaculture begins to invade roofs …

Current vertical (outside) plant walls are maintenance-free would require human intervention.
Consequence : plants, which are only decorative, often die.

Various solutions of HORIZONTAL ‘green’ roofs already exist (horizontal platforms),


Aquaponics industrial sites, vertical farms tend to maximize productivity by all means

The VUFMC project, answers differently :


Exploit the free vertical walls (***) to install urban farm robots that
would maintain carousels / vertical conveyors
of edible plants / vegetables .

(***) This could be the blind sections of existing buildings (even if they are only due to differences in the height of adjoining buildings)
(also called the grey zone of cities), docks along the rivers, load-bearing scaffolds, carrying barges, etc…


It’s a citizen’s project where citizens grow their own natural food.